GCC 1905

a colorful mosaic scultpure of a couch

Art + Health Justice: Building Community Resilience

By forming personal relationships with art and health, this interdisciplinary seminar asks students to learn while doing. As we actively reflect on the relationship between art, health, wholeness, justice, and resilience, students will explore the potential of inclusive and social art practices to generate meaningful forms of participatory culture that support individual and community health, wellbeing, and resilience. This course is built upon six foundational principles that recognize resilience building as an ongoing, dynamic process rather than a fixed outcome. Informed by these core, fundamental principles, the course is organized around the idea that learning and acting in the world is inherently iterative. Weekly classes will include visits with artists, activists, and scholars, visits to artist studios, in process art works, and sites of activism/resistance/imagination, as well as collaborative experiments in art.