The Grand Challenge Curriculum launched in Fall 2015 in support of the University of Minnesota strategic plan.

Expanded research and curriculum addressing Grand Challenges is a key component of Driving Tomorrow, the Strategic Plan for the Twin Cities Campus. It reflects the overarching goal of creating a more agile, more integrated, and deeply engaged 21st-century research university.

The Grand Challenge Curriculum (GCC) addresses important societal challenges through a solution-driven interdisciplinary approach to learning. GCC courses are taught by cross-disciplinary instructors who bring unique perspectives to each Grand Challenge being explored. Each course focuses on a particular issue while also developing a foundational set of knowledge, skills, and values that can be applied across a range of potential Grand Challenge topics.

GCC course offerings are developed on an ongoing basis by University of Minnesota faculty to engage students in complex global challenges. There are now over 30 courses in the curriculum covering topics such as global health issues, renewable energy, inequity in education, and sustainability.

Common Goals of Grand Challenge Curriculum Courses (PDF)