Classroom to Community Workshop

What is the Classroom to Community Workshop?

The Grand Challenge Curriculum Classroom to Community Workshop is hosted by the Office of Undergraduate Education every spring and fall semester. The workshop serves as an opportunity for students to share group projects being developed in current GCC courses.

At the workshop, student groups are sorted into rooms to present their projects in front of reviewers and student peers from other GCC courses. Experts from various fields, both internal and external to the University, provide formative feedback to students. This feedback offers an opportunity for students to hear and understand different perspectives, and then to apply what they learn to their final project.

Why is feedback from different disciplines important?

When approaching Grand Challenges, we must break out of the confines of our disciplines and work across sectors to find solutions. Cooperation between different educational and professional fields is essential for innovation. Seemingly unrelated viewpoints can open up new possibilities or reveal issues not thought of previously

Presentation Guidelines

  • Each group will have 8 minutes to present an overview of their project in an accessible manner. Room leads will be monitoring presentation times, so please be sure to practice ahead of time to ensure your presentation stays within the time limit.
  • Visual aids are required. For this event, all group members will have access to share their screens. PowerPoints, videos, and other formats that are easily shared via Zoom are strongly encouraged, but feel free to get creative! If you choose to show a video, please ensure the audio works over screen sharing.
  • Each member of your group is expected to participate in the presentation.
  • Presenters should be professional and open to feedback.
  • Be prepared to answer questions from reviewers and peers.
  • As you develop talking points, keep in mind that your audience is not otherwise aware of your course's goals or specifics of your chosen topic.
  • The following elements should be included in your group’s presentation:
    • The grand challenge addressed in your GCC course
    • How long you have been working on your project/where you are in terms of progress
    • How your group’s specific issue/goal connects to your course topic
    • What kind of feedback will be most helpful for your final project

Workshop Schedule:

  • 6:00-6:25 Welcome
  • 6:25-8:00 Breakout Rooms


Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.