Christine Baeumler

Associate Professor in the Department of Art

Christine Baeumler is an associate professor in the Department of Art at the University of Minnesota. She has a BA in Fine Arts from Yale University and an MFA in Fine Arts from Indiana University. Baeumler's community-based environmental art practice is collaborative and involves the ecological restoration of urban green spaces with attention to increasing biodiversity, providing habitat, and improving the water quality and aesthetic dimension of the sites. Her recent work focuses on making visible bog and peatland ecosystems as well as creating urban habitat for pollinators. Baeumler is teaching in the Department of Art's new area of Interdisciplinary Art and Social Practice. She has taught courses that include Art and Social Engagement, Slow Art and the Green City, and is currently teaching an honors seminar entitled Art and Ecology.

Course(s) taught

GCC 3013/5013

Christine Baeumler Photo