Uwe Kortshagen

Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Uwe Kortshagen is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering.  His teaching is in the area of thermal environmental sciences which focus on energy efficiency of buildings, technologies to decarbonize buildings, and human comfort in the built environment.  His research focuses on nanomaterials science for applications in renewable energy, energetics, and biotechnology.  His research has led to technologies that helped improve the efficiency of solar cells and currently focuses on “solar windows” for building integrated photovoltaics.

Kortshagen holds the Ronald L. and Janet A. Christenson Chair of Renewable Energy and is a Distinguished McKnight University Professor.  He is a fellow of the Institute on the Environment and involved in a program for “Renewable Energy Commercialization.”  His research work has been published in more than 210 journal articles, including papers in several Nature and Science family journals.  He holds 4 U.S. patents.

Course(s) taught

GCC 3011/5011

Uwe Kortshagen Photo