Iris Donga Vilares

Assistant Professor, Psychology

My research investigates how humans make decisions, and how these differ in people with psychiatric and neurological diseases. To analyze this, I combine tools from cognitive neuroscience with neuroeconomics and computational models. One topic of particular focus is decision-making under uncertainty. I research this both at an individual/perceptual level (how do people combine uncertain prior and current information in a sensorimotor task) and at a social level (trusting others in the face of social uncertainty). Furthermore, I look at how these processes are represented in the brain. Computational models are then used to explain the resulting behaviors, and to offer a principled understanding of decision-making in health and disease. In the proposed interdisciplinary course, I will be discussing the psychology of transition to sustainability, including human behavior and decision-making processes involved in the transition.

Course(s) taught

GCC 3041/5041

Iris Donga Vilares Photo