Beyond the Classroom: Spring 2020 GCC Student Work


Each semester, student groups across various Grand Challenge Curriculum (GCC) courses participate in the Classroom to Community Workshop. This workshop serves as an exciting opportunity for students to share group projects being developed in current GCC courses. In response to COVID-19, this page was created as a virtual workshop for students to share their projects despite social-distancing. Thank you for taking the time to view these works.

Cut the Crap Icon

Cut the Crap!

Our project is the creation of a website that includes sustainability tips, DIYs, personal journey stories and ways to get involved from home during this pandemic. This website is a way to engage all people and ages in the sustainability movement and to inspire us all to change our actions. 

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Indigenous Solidarity in Mni Sota Makoce

An exploration of what indigenous solidarity looks like and what it means to be a non-Dakota indigenous person living on Dakota land.

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Language Learning: Career enhancement or act of resistance to colonialism?

Learning languages can be a valuable career move. But is there something more valuable in learning languages that are at risk of extinction?

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Mnisota Makhoche

In this project, we explore what Mni Sota Makoche means to different people. With these perspectives, we then ask what it would mean to restore land back to the Dakota people.

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Malaria Mortality Prevention in the East African Highlands

To help mitigate the expanding global impact of malaria as result of climate change, with its associated increasing drug resistance, implementation of prompt and accurate diagnosis is needed to reduce mortality. Rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) have been recognized as an ideal method for diagnosing malaria in east African Highlands the project is aimed at reducing malaria mortality through the use RDTs especially among pregnant women and children under the age of 5.

Side Stepping White Fragility Icon

Side-Stepping White Fragility

Clips from conversations with a retired AP US History teacher about the treatment of Indigenous narratives in history, and our job as white people to not let these stories get buried.

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University of Minnesota Truth Telling Tour

Join two students on a Truth Telling Tour of the University of Minnesota. Together we will take a look into the history and present day events of the university, and take action as we work towards a brighter future.

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Wild Bison: Conservation of the Great American West

The American bison population has rebounded from near-extinction and outgrown the resources of Yellowstone National Park. Our proposal from this project is a three-pillared plan (engage, protect, and sustain) to address conflicts regarding bison populations between conservationists, cattle ranchers and landowners in the Greater Yellowstone Area.

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Single-Use Plastics in the R&D Laboratory Space

We propose solutions to combat the stigma of sustainability being too much of a hassle, by focusing in on the plastics seen to be the least recyclable.