Student Stories

Bringing UTI Conversations to Boynton: An Antibiotic Stewardship

UTI Education Group
(December 2018) Reem Elbasher, Rachel Grushan, Chetana Guthikonda, and Victoria Skolnick are working to prevent antibiotic resistance by increasing awareness about UTIs and how to treat them. Their first stop: Boynton Health.

Educowtion: Decreasing malnutrition and increasing school attendance through live cattle

abby knoble & maria soroka
Grand Challenge Curriculum interviewed Maria Soroka and Abby Knoble in September 2018 about Educowtion, their experiences piloting the program in Uganda, and the future of bringing live cattle into schools.

GCC 3001/5001 Artwork at Classroom to Community Workshop

GCC 30015001 Artwork
Students enrolled in GCC 3001/5001 had the opportunity to create artwork relating to their course topic: "Can We Feed the World Without Destroying It?" The interviews below are a small selection of projects featured at the Fall 2017 Classroom to Community Workshop.

Student Spotlight: Felicia Wolf

felicia wolf
Felicia Wolf explains how GCC 3003/5003 reaffirmed her belief that undergraduate students can make a difference.

Student Spotlight: Isabella Armour

isabella armour
We sat down with Isabella Armour and learned what it's like to work with students from different majors.

Student Spotlight: Jesse Abelson

jesse abelson
We interviewed Jesse Abelson about his experience in GCC 3003/5003 and how he found inspiration in the classroom.

Student Spotlight: Nina Domingo

nina domingo
Nina Domingo describes how Grand Challenge Curriculum changed her perspective on sustainability, and what we as humans can do to change the world.

Student Spotlight: Rebecca Leighton

rebecca leighton
Public Health student Rebecca Leighton shares her experience in GCC 3001/5001: "Can We Feed the World Without Destroying It?" and discusses the power of collaboration in this exlusive interview.

Vetiver Solutions: A company striving to decrease malnutrition and poverty in Haiti using one little plant

vetiver group
Grand Challenge Curriculum sat down with Becca Desens, Elizabeth Alonzi, Dalton Schutte, and Jesse Abelson for an interview in November 2017, where they shared their journey developing Vetiver Solutions and their recent experience attending the Clinton Global Initiative University conference. (Leeore Levinstein, the fifth member of Vetiver Solutions, was regretably unable to join the interview.)