Jonee Brigham

Minnesota Design Center Senior Research Fellow at CDES and Institute on the Environment Fellow

Jonee Kulman Brigham, AIA, LEED AP O+M, is a senior research fellow with the Minnesota Design Center at the College of Design and an Institute on the Environment Fellow. As an architect, artist, educator, and previously an energy consultant, Jonee has focused her work on sustainable design with a particular interest in infrastructure. In her interdisciplinary masters of liberal studies at the University of Minnesota, she developed the Earth Systems Journey curriculum model for art-led, experiential, environmental education, which guides the structure for the first part of the course. She has integrated GIS (Geographic Information Systems) story maps into this curriculum from 6th grade through high school and beyond, and has presented GIS course work at the ESRI Education Summit several years. She brings a design thinking approach to the role of arts in technological education as part of systemic change. Jonee has worked with Paul Imbertson in the past, when both were faculty advisors to the interdisciplinary Solar Decathlon project where University of Minnesota students designed and constructed a solar house on the mall in Washington, DC in 2009.

GCC Course Taught

GCC 3027/5027
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