Cheryl Olman

Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology

Cheryl Olman, an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology, studies visual perception and neuroimaging methods. With a B.S. in physics, a Ph.D. in Neuroscience, and a faculty appointment in Psychology, she has made a habit of crossing disciplinary boundaries and is equally comfortable helping a student design a project that studies the interactions of personality traits and coping skills or a project that studies thermal conductivity or converting from ounces to milliliters on the fly. Thus, her poly-science background provides ample fodder for course content and for supporting undergraduate students as they guide middle school students through a wide range of science fair projects.

She volunteered as a mentor for at-risk students at Murray Middle School for three years before branching out to strike up the partnership with the Murray Science Department that gives rise to this class.

GCC Course Taught

GCC 3026
Cheryl Olman