GCC 3007/5007

gcc 3007/5007

Toward Conquest of Disease

Since the rise of civilization, the large predators of humans have been subdued and the most dangerous predators remaining are those unseen---vastly smaller than our bodies. They are the microbial predators that cause disease. Infectious disease has devastated human populations and even caused global population declines. Subduing and managing disease is one of the grand challenges of our time.


What Students are Saying

"Every day I left this class inspired."

"[My favorite aspect of this course] was the way professors interact during lectures, asking questions and interjecting with connections to their own field. It made lectures into something closer to a really good podcast, where interesting smart people talk about what they're passionate about." 

"I really liked listening to the speakers because I learned relevant things about today's world that I had no idea about."

Course Details

Meeting Time: Spring 2017, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:45 – 11 a.m.

Location: East Bank

Liberal Education Theme: Environment

Topics: infection disease, microbial pathogens, epidemic growth

Credits: 3

Prerequisites: must be a sophomore, junior, or senior

Professors: Clarence Lehman and James Kurle