GCC 3004

The Fracking Boom - Promises and Challenges of the Hydrocarbon Renaissance

This course will explore the energy revolution that has been ignited by recent technological advances (primarily hydro-fracturing or "fracking") and its many far-reaching consequences. Students will engage in understanding the economic, political, geological, environmental, and social aspects of this multi-faceted issue. While we will discuss all the major fracking areas, the Bakken Shale will receive special attention both because of its geographical proximity to Minnesota and because of the dramatic transformation it has spurred in North Dakota.

Throughout the course, we will engage students by reading and discussing relevant news articles, as well as viewing and critiquing documentary films. Invited speakers will be brought in to provide unique perspectives on key issues.


What Students are Saying

"This class was by far the best class I've taken at the college level...The class challenges minds and inspires the masses." 

Course Details

Meeting Time: Fall 2016, Tuesdays & Thursdays from 9:45 – 11:00 a.m.

Location: West Bank 

Liberal Education Theme: Environment

Topics: Geopolitics, Economics, Environment

Credits: 3

Prerequisites: None

Professors: Maximiliano BezadaBruce Braun